Promotions and Transfers

Caressa Cargile transfer

Caressa Cargile

Caressa Cargile has transferred from State Line to the Main Office in Waynesboro.

Heather Owen promotion

Heather Owen

Heather Owen has been promoted to Payroll Manager/Officer at the Main Office in Waynesboro.

Shenia Russell promotion

Shenia Russell

Shenia Russell has been promoted to Loan Operations Clerk.

Brenda Pearson promotion

Brenda Pearson

Brenda Pearson has been promoted to Assistant Head Teller of the Main Office in Waynesboro.

Maletha Arrington promotion

Maletha Arrington

Maletha Arrington has been promoted to Branch Head Teller of the Mini Bank in Waynesboro.

Equilla Franks transfer

Equilla Franks

Equilla Franks has transferred to Loan Quality Control Specialist.

Stacy Hutto promotion

Stacy Hutto

Stacy Hutto has been promoted to manager of the Mortgage Loan Department in Waynesboro.